Secura joins the international H2020 'ASCLEPIOS' project



Secura joins the international H2020 'ASCLEPIOS' project

April 2019

Secura joins the international H2020 'ASCLEPIOS' project, aimed at improving the secure sharing and processing of medical data. Within the project, Secura will provide a contribution based on its strong expertise on promoting security and privacy awareness, secure component design and security testing/validation. Being one of the main responsible partners for project activities dissemination, Secura will periodically organize awareness courses focused on medical data security and privacy, organize and manage the Industrial Focus Group related to the project, as well as actively publish and present the results of the ongoing research.

The international consortium of the project 'Advanced Secure Cloud Encrypted Platform for Internationally Orchestrated Solutions in healthcare' (ASCLEPIOS) met at the kick-off event, which was held on 17-18 January 2019 in Athens by UBITECH. During the meeting the partners had the chance to physically meet and discuss the whole project as well as the forthcoming activities.

Users are reluctant towards storing sensitive medical data on cloud infrastructures. At the same time, although researchers have developed many theoretical cryptographic models that could enhance the security level of healthcare services, only a rudimentary set of techniques is currently in use. ASCLEPIOS envisions to build the trust of users by providing mechanisms for sensitive data protection. The core idea of ASCLEPIOS is to develop a cloud-based eHealth framework utilizing modern cryptographic techniques and trusted execution environments, in order to protect user’s privacy from internal and external attacks. Users will be able to verify the integrity of their devices as well as the trustworthiness of the cloud service provider prior to use. ASCLEPIOS will also offer a solution for healthcare practitioners and researchers to perform statistics on medical data without infringing privacy of the patients. The project will produce three near-production demonstrators, with the involvement of the healthcare partners, to showcase the above ASCLEPIOS functionalities in diverse use cases. Lastly, as the human factor plays an important role in avoiding security risks, security awareness events for the healthcare industry will be conducted during the project.

The consortium consists of partners from the healthcare (Charité - Germany , AMC - Netherlands, UNN - Norway), research / academic (RISE - Sweden, TUNI - Finland, UOW - UK, ICCS - Greece) and technology (Secura - Netherlands, SUITE5 - Cyprus, UBITECH - Greece) domain. Each partner will contribute with their expertise to develop new technologies for the secure storage and analytics of health data in cloud infrastructures.

ASCLEPIOS is a 3-year project funded by the European Commission under the H2020 - 'Improving health information and better use of health data' programme. It has begun since December 2018 and will end on November 2021.

For further information please visit the official website: or contact the project coordinator Tamas Kiss, University of Westminster, (