WICCON: Inspiring conference with an all-women speaker line-up

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Secura Team at WICCON

Great to be a part of the first ever WICCON. An inspiring conference with an all-women speaker line-up designed to highlight women's technical achievements in the cybersecurity field.

The conference had a real Halloween vibe and was full of spooky presentations ...

Trucks, busses, cars, trailers: they are becoming IoT devices. A modern car has over 100 million lines of code... Secura's Anna Prudnikova shared the dangers to the automotive sector and how she and her team work hard to protect vehicles from digital harm .

Jaya Baloo, CISO at Rapid7, scared us all with horror stories about the impact the quantum computer will have on cybersecurity. She reassured us on how we can prepare, using post-quantum algorithms and working together.

'People do stupid things'

A whole other topic: behavior. Fleur van Leusden, CISO at the Kiesraad, sees a shift in cybersecurity away from rules and towards tools. 'People do stupid things, even if the rules say: don't do this. Technical measures, like blocking certain software, will stop more people from doing stupid things than rules will.'

Thanks also to security consultant Tess Sluijter-Stek for sharing her experiences on implementing application security - with as little frustration possible for developers, who have no time to spare for security. 'More security findings never made anybody happy... Don't offer problems, offer solutions.'

Amazing to see all this expertise gathered in one place, thank you to WICCON for bringing us all together.