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Hands-on Hacking Workshop

Want to learn to think and act like a hacker? This is a fun and practical one-day course to gain insight how hackers can break into your organization. First, you will see how an attacker will become the Domain Administrator of an organization after compromising the laptop of an employee. Afterwards, in a practical session, you will be able to setup a Raspberry Pi Zero as an attack platform to gain this first foothold in an organization.

Why should you attend?

  • Understand the basic steps a hacker performs to take over your network
  • Understand the basic types of security testing
  • See these basic steps in practice in the stolen laptop scenario
  • Set-up a Raspberry Pi Zero as an attack platform within one afternoon
  • Learn to use a Raspberry Pi Zero as an attack platform 

Intended Audience

This training is suitable for:

  • White team / blue team members
  • Starting ethical hackers
  • Mobile application developers
  • Technical staff involved in security management
  • Security enthusiasts

Required Skills & Expertise

For this course you need some basic Linux command line skills as you will set up your own Raspberry Pi.


In the one day hands-on-hacking workshop, we show you in the morning how a hacker works his way into your organization. And in the afternoon we teach you how to weaponize a Raspberry Pi Zero to carry out the initial attack into a company.

  • Part 1: Ethical hacking
    In this section we explain to you the basics around ethical hacking and the steps we follow: 1) Reconnaissance, 2) Scanning, 3) Gaining access, and 4) Reporting and security recommendations. We also explain the difference between various types of investigations.

  • Part 2: Demo of stolen laptop scenario
    Within this section we will show you in a live demo how one of our Senior Security Consultants becomes Domain Admin via a stolen laptop scenario. We jointly discuss and take the steps he takes to take over the entire network and organization.

  • Part 3: Raspberry Pi as attack platform
    During the afternoon you receive a Raspberry Pi Zero, which we jointly set up as an attack platform. We show you how to use it and walk through the steps to be able to exfiltrate credentials from a windows system.


If you are interested in hosting this interactive and tailored workshop at your company, please let us know via the contact form, by telephone +31 (0)88 888 31 00or email info@secura.com.



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