Hands-on Hardening Workshop

Learn how to strengthen systems and devices against attacks during this practical 1 day workshop for admins.

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Hands-on Hardening Workshop

Are you an system or network administrator and do you want to learn more about hardening your network? This 1-day practical workshop gives you valuable insights into hardening and how you can use it daily.


Gain relevant insight


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Get started with hardening

Theory and practice

During this workshop you will gain theoretical insight into the principles of hardening. In addition, the workshop has an extensive practical component: after explanation with concrete examples, you will actively set to work. You will search for errors in the hardening of your own environment or the laptop of the end user. We might also discuss hardening processes, for instance: clean desk policy.

At the end of the workshop, you will be familiar with the core principles of hardening that apply to every device and network. During the hands-on exercises, you might encounter errors in hardening a device or network. These can be addressed partly during the session and partly afterwards.

After each session, the trainers create a memo, detailing issues that were raised and need follow-up. To make this workshop even more personalized, you can share your configuration or software with us beforehand, so that the trainers can incorporate these in the training.


Building barriers to buy time

The ultimate goal of the Hands-on Hardening Workshop is to help admins raise as many barriers as possible around and in a system or network. This will slow attackers down and buy time for detection.

Why should you attend?

  • Hardening often involves hidden configurations that are easy to miss if you don’t have the right tools. This workshop can help you see the complete picture and teach you where to look for vulnerabilities.
  • Hardening is often perceived as time consuming – this workshop will teach you simple ways to gain insights and will also teach you how to automate certain hardening elements.
  • Do you know which questions to ask yourself as an admin when it comes to hardening? During this workshop our experts will give you specific lists of questions that will help you in your daily work. We will also give you concrete examples of best practices.

Intended audience

This workshop was designed with the following audience in mind:

  • System or network administrators
  • Dev ops-teams
Quote by

Willem Westerhof

Senior Security Specialist


Attack will always be ahead of defense, the ability to rapidly respond and adapt is key.

Required skills and expertise

Participants should have affinity for IT administration, as the content of the workshop is mostly technical. The workshop does contain a few discussion assignments that are suitable for less technical participants – for instance an IT-team lead who might not necessarily be technical.

It is important that participants bring the same devices they use in their normal daily work.



What is hardening and why is it important?

A short introduction into hardening - the process of strengthening systems and networks via security measures - and why it is crucial for reducing vulnerabilities and boosting resistance against threats.


How an attacker works

We then move on to the ways an attacker can gather information and might gain access to systems or networks; for instance through OSINT, internal networks, physical access or social engineering.


The 9 subjects of hardening

We explore the 9 main subjects of hardening in depth. For instance technical aspects, like system configuration, patch management and encryption, but also the physical and procedural aspects, like access control.

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