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Strengthen your security with Travel SAFE

In today's connected world, staying safe while traveling is as important as protecting your assets at the office or home. When you travel, you face risks like stolen data, hacking, scams, and theft. Focusing on travel security helps keep your most important assets safe: not only your confidential information and business secrets, but of course your team.

1 day training

Our Travel Security course is tailored for international companies and experienced travelers. In this 1-day course, we offer practical ways and modern methods to stay secure when you're traveling. This training is crucial for anyone looking to reduce the risks that come with traveling.

The program is a collaboration between experts from Secura and Proximities.

Why should you attend?

Global threats make it vital for big companies to focus on travel security. Not only for protecting your assets and team, but for meeting legal standards. Our Travel Security course gives your staff the essential skills and tools they need to confidently handle any risks they might face while traveling. Let's work together to ensure a safe future for your company's international activities.

Key features


1. Expert guidance

Our skilled trainers provide participants with useful knowledge and real-world practical advice. They have experience in the military and defense sectors and are familiar with the extra challenges in high-risk places like combat zones or countries without democratic governments.


2. Integrated approach

By bringing together the knowledge of Proximities and Secura, our course covers both physical and online security. We address vulnerabilities across different travel and threat scenarios.


3. Risk reduction

By regularly using these methods and technologies, your organization can greatly reduce the chance of security issues when traveling.


International Best Practices

Learn about the best practices in the industry and keep up with changing security risks around the world, including updates specific to different countries.

Intended Audience

The topics included are general enough to cover the needs of any traveler but are of particular benefit to:

  • C-level executives
  • Employees who travel frequently
  • Travelers to high-risk areas.


The 1-day course consists of six modules that cover digital security and physical security.


By Proximities

These modules will increase your understanding of the general risks you face while abroad:

  1. Preparations you and your company can make to increase your safety
  2. Most common travel incidents and mitigating measures
  3. Situational awareness and simple tools to help increase your understanding of the environment


By Secura

These modules will teach you the most common risks to accounts, data and devices while travelling, and how to mitigate those risks. Topics include:

  1. Password management and Multi-factor authentication
  2. Social engineering awareness and social media hygiene
  3. Personal electronic device and personal storage security

More information

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Secura is a leading and independent expert in digital security. Our customer markets range from government and healthcare to finance and industry. Secura offers technical services, such as vulnerability assessments and red teaming, training and awareness programs and advisory services. Since 2021, Secura is a part of the international Bureau Veritas Group.

About proximities

Proximities is a Risk, Intelligence and Security consultancy based in the Netherlands. Our customers operate in physically challenging environments and range from governments and NGO’s to corporates in manufacturing-, offshore and energy sectors. We provide training, advice and in-country support, for example by deploying experienced security managers, assisting you to keep your personnel, assets and reputation safe.