Live Webinar: Cybersecurity of Industrial Equipment – IEC 62443

On Tuesday 29th of March 2022, our Senior Security Specialist, Yannick Fournel, will host the live webinar: "Cybersecurity of Industrial Equipment - IEC 62443". Join the webinar and fire away all your questions that you might have on Industrial Equipment Cybersecurity! Watch the replay here.


Originally designed to be used for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), IEC 62443 is now considered a relevant standard across many industry verticals, due to the holistic way in which its requirements are expressed. For ICS manufacturers and owners involved in process industries such as chemical, oil/gas, or transportation complying with IEC 62443 validates the security of individual ICS systems or the way in which they are deployed inside the company’s network. In this introductory webinar, our ICS experts at Secura will present the growing IEC 62443 certification, its benefits, and requirements.


  • Introduction
  • What is IEC 62443?
  • What can be certified under which scope of IEC 62443?
  • Added-value of getting certified
  • Common challenges and solutions to certification
  • Q&A