Webinar: Evaluating OT Cyber Resilience through Red Teaming

On Tuesday 23rd of November, our Principal Security Consultant, Jos Wetzels, and Remco Huisman, Senior Account Manager will host the webinar: "Evaluating OT cyber resilience through Red Teaming". Want to attend this webinar? You can now sign up here.

About the Webinar

From targeted attacks against critical infrastructure to the proliferation of so-called 'big game hunting' adversaries, where attackers select and study specific targets for ransomware-based extortion, the OT threat landscape is constantly evolving. These developments have helped drive the maturity of many organisations' OT cyber security programs from awareness, compliance and hardening efforts all the way up to the adoption of advanced IDS, EDR and SOC/SIEM solutions. But how do we evaluate how effective all of these efforts actually are?

In this webinar, Secura will discuss red teaming in OT environments as the ultimate cyber drill, where an organisation's actual security posture can be evaluated in a controlled but realistic manner. By drawing upon industry-standard frameworks like MITRE's ATT&CK, hands-on OT experience and multi-stakeholder coordination, a red teaming engagement can carefully balance realism, safety and operational continuity to provide a holistic evaluation of the entire security program.


  • OT Threat Landscape
  • What is Red Teaming
  • Red Teaming in the Operational Technology domain
  • Adversary Emulation using MITRE ATT&CK for ICS
  • Scenario Example
  • Q&A

Intended audience

  • CISOs
  • (OT) Security Managers
  • (OT) Information Security Professionals
  • Red & Blue Team Operators
  • SOC Managers/Security Engineers
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About Jos Wetzels

Jos has a strong background in academic security research as well as years of hands-on offense-oriented experience in industries ranging from critical infrastructure and automotive to networking equipment and access control systems. He has been a speaker/ presenter at many conferences and has served as a review board member for the Black Hat conference’s Cyber-Physical Systems track as well as a contributing SME on MITRE’s ATT&CK framework for ICS.