Webinar: Securing Containers: Tips & Tricks

On Tuesday 30th of November, our security specialist, Roy Stultiens, and technical director, Ralph Moonen, will host the webinar: "Securing Containers: Tips & Tricks". Want to attend this webinar? You can now sign up .

About the Webinar

Do you (plan to) use containers? Insecure containers and Kubernetes instances are exposed every day. Make sure you are not among them.
In this last webinar in a series of three webinars on Cloud Security held in 2021, we will show you why to use containers and how to do so securely by leveraging the power of the Cloud!

This webinar will be hosted by Roy Stultiens, Security Specialist & Ralph Moonen, Technical Director at Secura.


- Recap
- What are containers and why are they here to stay?
- Security challenges and considerations for Containers (in the cloud)
- Conclusions
- Q&A

Roy Stultiens 1

About the speakers

Roy Stultiens

Roy is one of our security analysts with 5+ years of DevOps experience. Starting off as a web developer focusing on back-end systems, architecture, and e-commerce he is now expanding his security knowledge with a particular interest in cloud and container services.

Ralph Moonen

Ralph Moonen

Ralph is Technical Director and is a highly experienced information security consultant, risk analyst, and auditor, focusing on managing technical risks. As a seasoned information security professional, he has gained broad experience in many disciplines such as policy development, penetration testing, reverse engineering, cryptography, and risk analysis. But above all he is an ‘old school’ ethical hacker, with a very solid track record and well known in the security scene for his work with amongst others, the Dutch OV-Chipkaart ticketing scheme, Smart Meters, and Connected Vehicles.