Water sector threats as seen through the lens of MITRE's ATT&CK framework for ICS

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On October 1st, our ICS expert Jos Wetzels and senior account manager Remco Huisman presented our webinar on "Water sector threats as seen through the lens of MITRE's ATT&CK framework for ICS". The webinar recording can be viewed at the link below.

The highly automated and integrated water sector comprises everything from (waste)water management and treatment to flood control and is of vital social importance. As incidents from Maroochy to the recent attacks on the Israeli water sector have shown, the sector continues to be exposed to cyber threats ranging from opportunists and disgruntled or careless insiders to targeted attacks, some of which have aimed to affect operations and safety.

Improving and evaluating one's cyber resilience in an effective manner can be notoriously difficult, especially once one aims to go beyond basic compliance. In this webinar, Secura will present an introduction to MITRE's ATT&CK framework for ICS which provides a flexible industry standard for understanding the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used by adversaries targeting ICS environments and can serve as the basis for efficient hardening efforts and adversary simulation operations. While the framework is applicable to ICS environments in general, this webinar will illustrate it using water sector specific case studies drawn from both real-world incidents and cutting-edge research.

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