How does the Dutch National Inspectorate for Digital Infrastructure (formerly the Telecom Agency) view NIS2? Watch the replay of our webinar with Jasper Nagtegaal and Sjoerd Peerlkamp.

The new European directive for the security of Network & Information Services will apply to all organizations and companies in Europe from October 18th 2024.


Highlights in the webinar

03:40 - Recap of the first episode and key updates on NIS2

05:37 - The view of a regulator on NIS2

14:10 - Stories from the Energy Sector

26:42 - What will happen on October 18th, 2024?

28:31 - Organizations face a more complex landscape of horizontal and vertical regulations. How will the regulators approach this complexity?

- How does the regulator view the personal liability of CEOs and Board Members in terms of information security?


Jasper Nagtegaal is head of the Digital Resilience department at the National Digital Infrastructure Inspectorate. In that role, he is responsible for supervision under NIS2, including in the energy sector. As a lawyer and public administrator, he has a multidisciplinary view of supervision in an information society.

Sjoerd Peerlkamp is director of the Industrial Market Group at Secura. He has approximately 15 years of experience in IT Security. Among other things, as Group IT Security Officer at a large European energy company, Cyber ​​Threat Manager at a large oil company and CISO at the largest Dutch network manager.

In case you missed it, you can watch the replay of the first webinar on NIS2 here.

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The urgency to comply with NIS2 is real. However, as an international cybersecurity company, we find that many organizations are falling behind in taking action. If you are uncertain about whether NIS2 applies to you, or where to start, let Secura help you.

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