Discover the Future of Cybersecurity in Offshore Wind: Webinar Replay Now Available

We are excited to announce that the replay of the webinar on "Cybersecurity in Offshore Wind" is now available for viewing. As cyber attacks on critical infrastructure continue to rise, it is crucial to address the growing concerns surrounding the offshore wind industry, which has been identified as a high-profile target.


The webinar, hosted by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and Bureau Veritas, offered a comprehensive overview of the industry landscape. Stephan Ciniselli, Global Director of Offshore Wind at Bureau Veritas, highlighted that offshore wind is a pivotal element of the global energy transition and one of the fastest-growing markets in renewable energy. With an anticipated capacity growth from 65 GW at the end of 2022 to approximately 345 GW by 2030, and potentially reaching 2,000 GW by 2050, offshore wind is poised to revolutionize the energy sector.

Sjoerd Peerlkamp, Director Industrial Cybersecurity (IT/OT Security) at Secura, dives into four topics:

  • The Offshore Wind Cyber Threat Landscape
  • Upcoming Rules and Regulations regarding Cybersecurity
  • How to raise your Cybersecurity Resilience with a structured and risk based approach
  • The impact for the Offshore Wind supply chain


Over the past decade, offshore wind has witnessed exponential expansion, and the future looks even more promising. Projections indicate that by 2030, the installed capacity of offshore wind globally will reach a staggering 345 GW. Furthermore, certain countries are expected to rely heavily on offshore wind, with Denmark projected to generate up to 78% of its electricity from offshore wind by 2030.

Recognizing the need for specialized cybersecurity support for offshore wind, the market actively responds to these challenges. Contractual requirements and a demand for expert guidance are emerging to ensure the resilience and security of offshore wind infrastructure.


During the webinar, participants were treated to a high-level introduction, followed by in-depth discussions on the challenges, opportunities, and innovative approaches to cybersecurity in offshore wind. The insights shared by our esteemed panel of experts provided valuable perspectives on securing the future of this dynamic and vital industry.

We invite you to watch the replay of this engaging webinar and gain invaluable knowledge about the future of cybersecurity in offshore wind. Take this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and ensure the protection of critical infrastructure in this rapidly expanding sector. Together, let's fortify the offshore wind industry against cyber threats and build a secure and sustainable energy future.

Watch the replay now and join the conversation on cybersecurity in offshore wind.


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