Webinar: Security Challenges of a Cloud Migration

On Thursday 8 April, our CTO Ralph Moonen and Senior Security Specialist Ricardo Sanchez organized the webinar: "Security Challenges of a Cloud Migration". The webinar can be viewed back.

Cloud security is evolving rapidly and can be challenging. The growing need for remote working over the last year enhances this development. How can companies keep up with the pace of change? How do you know you are secure? How do security requirements change when moving to the cloud?

These and other questions were answered during our 30 min webinar with a 15 min Q&A-session. Curious to learn more? You can watch the webinar session back.

Intended audience

  • IT management
  • Security decision makers.
  • Product Owners
  • Auditors
  • Cloud enthusiasts


  1. The benefits of moving to the cloud
  2. Inherit Risk of moving to the cloud
  3. Strategies to move to the cloud
  4. How to get started
  5. Q&A
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About the Cloud Security Webinar 2021 Series

This webinar is the first one of the Cloud Security Webinar 2021 series. Many security experts have years of experience assessing local infrastructure, but it takes a specialized skill-set to evaluate and report on the risk that an organization faces if its cloud services are left insecure. Throughout the series, Secura will equip you with the latest updates in cloud security techniques and support you in how to assess cloud environments.

About the speakers

Ralph is Secura's CTO and knows everything about IT as he has been following the latest trends for many years. In his spare time he is a musician and IoT hacker. Ricardo is a Senior Security Expert with plenty of certificates. With his joyful Mexican background, he will make every webinar a sunny session.

For questions, please contact marketing@secura.com. Curious to see what other webinars we have planned in the past? Visit: https://www.secura.com/webinar...

Or are you interested in learning more about Cloud Security and what we have to offer? Please refer to our Cloud Security fact sheet here.

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