CISO Priority: Critical Updates to the SWIFT Customer Security Programme

The financial sector is one of the main targets for cyber attacks. The SWIFT network (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) and its clients have been the victim of such attacks over the past years resulting in large financial losses.

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Most notable is the Bangladesh Bank, where due a malware infection 81$ million dollars was stolen from accounts. In response, SWIFT introduced the Customer Security Program (CSP) in 2016. In July 2019, SWIFT released the Independent Assessment Framework (IAF) indicating that, all SWIFT members have to perform an independent assessment based on Community Standard Assessments to improve the level of assurance and verification of the security controls implementation. Per 2021, all SWIFT users are required to ask an external party to perform an independent assessment to professionalise compliance with the mandatory controls of the Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF v2021).

This has to be set-up during the second half of 2021: are you ready for the new control and the external check? And do you meet the assessment requirements of CSCF SWIFT? Learn more in in our latest white paper "CISO Priority: Critical Updates to the SWIFT Customer Security Programme".

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Secura can Support you in Becoming CSCF Compliant

Secura can support you reach CSCF Compliance step-by-step by providing the following services:

  • SWIFT CSP Audit: Validation of successful compliance alignment of controls with the SWIFT CSP guidelines resulting in a controls report under recognised standards (e.g. ISAE3000).
  • SWIFT CSP Assessment: A detailed assessment from an audit perspective of SWIFT CSP controls. This could be combined with a CSP audit
  • Penetration Testing (VAPT): Secura’s security experts can perform a thorough SWIFT infrastructure assessment.
  • Adapting to your requirements: Secura will leverage its extensive SWIFT CSP expertise to ensure that your needs are met ahead of SWIFTs required independent assessment due at the end of 2021.

Download our white paper now & learn more how Secura can support you in meeting SWIFT assessment requirements and more.

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