Why you need more than a classical pentest - External Attack Surface Management [Video]

A classical pentest is no longer sufficient to protect your assets. You need to defend the complete "Attack Surface" for your domain. According to Gartner, External Attack Surface Monitoring is the next step in cyber security.

The problem with pentests is, that you might be testing at the wrong moment, look in the wrong place or misjudge the risks, without knowing. Only when you have a complete picture of your attack surface, can you take the right steps to protect your domain.

Watch the video for a clear explanation. Presented by Secura's Sjoerd at KPN Event Secur[ID]


0:00 Introduction - a classical pen-test is no longer sufficient
1:50 Who are the cyber criminals?
6:50 How cyber criminals find weak spots
8:00 The classical pentest is no longer sufficient
11:37 The solution: External Attack Surface Monitoring
12:56 Examples
16:53 Vulnerabilities
19:00 External Attack Surface Assessment service explained

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EASA Fact Sheet

Highlights of the External Attack Surface Assessment.

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