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Secura has designed services addressed at the whole smart vehicles ecosystem. The security of the cars or their high risk systems can be assessed by making use of relevant international publications, such as ISO 21434, IEC 62443, US Department of Transportation framework or the ENISA Smart Cars best practices.

By following such standardized assessments, Secura can ensure manufacturers that their vehicles of subsystems are compliant with the relevant state of the art security measures, reducing the risk of a security incident. Examples of security measures in scope of an assessment include authorization, authentication, vehicle interfaces security, separation of internal sensitive networks (e.g. by isolating various CAN communication), or secure software updates.

At the same time, Secura is at the forefront of international cybersecurity regulations related to the automotive domain. Secura can support you in preparing for the upcoming regulations (such as the UN/ECE regulations on Cybersecurity or Software Updates), including the preparation of required documentation and the performing of required testing and documentation review. This will allow manufacturers to stay in control of their security processes, and ensure that they can satisfy the requirements of the regulations, the moment when they will be enforced.

For more details regarding the services focused on smart vehicles security, please refer to the dedicated page.

Secura IoT security Lab Services

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