Cyber Security Month October 2019 - Secura's Training Agenda

In the Netherlands, October 2019 will be all about Cyber Security. As part of the European Cyber Security Month, many events will take place providing the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and innovations for a more secure future. More information about the European Cyber Security Month, also supported by The Hague Security Delta (HSD)

Secura's experts are pleased to share their expertise and up-to-date  knowledge. We set up various training courses and workshops which can help you to be and stay 'in control' of your digital security. The following training courses and hacking workshops are plannend in October and open to join (limited seats available).

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Digital security is an exceptionally complex and quickly changing field where a constant struggle exists between digital intruders and defenders. To stay ahead in this race, Secura deliberately opts for in-depth specialisation in digital security. We have been in business since 2000.

Secura's experts are pleased to share their expertise and up-to-date  knowledge. We do this by organizing training courses and workshops, publishing whitepapers, blogposts, live webinars and events with benefits for our customers.

We are fully privately owned and not a reseller of any products or services, giving us the independence we require to provide our customers with high-value recommendations and knowledge transfer.

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