Secura IoT Security Lab Services - Secure web and mobile applications

Secura makes use of the OWASP Application/Mobile Testing Guide in order to assess the security of these applications. As a result, tailored services can be provided, in the form of black/grey/crystal box investigations, approaching the security of the app from a real life hacker’s point of view. Examples of tests in scope of these services include security topics such as authentication, authorization, client side testing, configuration and deploy management, cryptography, identity management, data validation or session management.

At the same time, assessing the security compliance of these applications in line with recognized standards such as the OWASP Application/Mobile Security Verification Standard will go deeper, addressing technical security testing, as well as elements of development lifecycle (such as threat modelling, secure coding, etc.). The diversity of these offered solutions allows customers to have the flexibility of choosing the best approach for assessing their software, in line with their needs and testing appetite.
Secura IoT security Lab Services

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