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Case Study - Raising Cyber Maturity at a Crypto Platform

Our client, a cryptocurrency derivatives platform, turned to Secura to achieve a higher cyber maturity level. The company operates in a dynamic and complex environment, managing digital assets, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals.

The Challenge

The cryptocurrency derivatives platform wanted an expert advice on how to raise cyber maturity. They were looking to reshape their information management strategy and reduce risks.

The approach: Audit, Analysis and a Test Plan

Together with the platform's leadership we took the following steps.


1. Develop Information Management Strategy

Secura works closely with the platform's leadership to develop a solid information management strategy.


2. Perform IT Audit

The IT audit involves a review of the platform's existing IT infrastructure, processes, and practices to identify vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.


3. Perform Risk Analysis

Secura conducts a risk analysis, to identify the platform's specific cybersecurity risks.


4. Develop Cybersecurity Test Plan

Secura developes a Cyber Security Test Plan. This plan allows the crypto platform to assess resilience under real-world conditions, identify weaknesses, and fine-tune their security strategy.


THE RESULT: A Higher Security Maturity Level


Result 1. Strategic Information Management

A strategic information management framework for improved data governance, compliance, and protection.


Result 2. Proactive Risk Mitigation

With the results of risk analysis, the platform was able to proactively address vulnerabilities and implement risk mitigation measures.


Result 3. Robust Cybersecurity Testing

The Cybersecurity Test Plan is a critical tool for the crypto platform. It helps assess cyber resilience, identify weaknesses, and fine-tune the security strategy.


More Information

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Bram Blaauwendraad

Security Consultant

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