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Defcon - Red Wizard Demo draws full house

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Ben Brücker - Domain Manager of Red Teaming & Senior Security Specialist at Secura, has presented the new open source tool Red Wizard at Defcon, Las Vegas, not just once but four times. Each session was fully packed, reflecting the industry's enthusiasm.

'Red Wizard' is an open-source tool designed to offer consistent, OPSEC-safe infrastructure tailored for advanced RedTeaming tasks.

This innovation addresses a prevalent issue - many Red Teams find that the public tools available either lack comprehensiveness or aren’t intuitive. As a result, infrastructure managers and operators often spend extra hours on setup and maintenance.

Red Wizard is the result of years of spinning up repeatable infrastructures for Red Teaming operations. It automates a comprehensive infrastructure deployment with redirectors, backend systems, phishing relays, OSINT machines etcetera. But made easy by providing wizards that walk you through the deployments.

Additionally, the infrastructure is self-documenting, making the sharing of all relevant details to your team of operators a breeze. The tool is build to make sure to provide you with a resilient setup that is OPSEC-safe. By retrieving all critical key material from the deployed servers, you will be able to rebuild and keep receiving your shells even if one of your servers crashes and burns. The technology used for Red Wizard is mainly based on Ansible and Docker.

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