Thank you for attending the opening of our new A’dam office

Thank you for helping us celebrate the opening of our new Amsterdam office. We appreciate the time that all the attendees - clients, friends and all (new) Secura staff members - took to visit and celebrate with us.
As we enter a new phase in our journey that already resulted in a new board of directors, a new name to reflect our new position in the market and a clear vision on how to control all aspects of digital security, the open house party of last Thursday 30 November was an excellent moment to inform and to connect in an informal setting.

We proudly presented our story and ambitions and gave some interactive demos on hacking with a drone, XSS and the much discussed GDPR. This combined with bubbles and bites was a perfect way to catch-up and celebrate.  

Our roots
In the past 17 years we have operated from one office located in Eindhoven. This is where the roots of our company lie: hacking at the TU/e for accounts, computer time and access to the internet.
Eindhoven has proven to be a great place to be located: near the university with talented young people and high-tech companies in the neighbourhood. We are proud to have started there and to have grown to where we are now.

I was getting to feel guilty every time a large and interesting project was sold in the Randstad, and that doesn't feel good for me as a commercial director!Remco Huisman, Commercial Director

A new office in the “Randstad”

We serve a lot of clients in the southern part of the Netherlands (in the provinces "Brabant” and “Limburg") but over the years our client base expanded rapidly and it comes as no surprise that the majority of our clients have offices in the Randstad.
Several of our assignments can be done remote, but many also require physical presence. These assignments were performed by our consultants living near Eindhoven or even deep south in Limburg. The daily commute to the Randstad has proven to be quite a challenge. This nice new office in Amsterdam-Zuid - with great lunch facilities btw! - helps our company in many ways:

  • It reduces travelling time of our consultants and reduces our CO2 footprint;
  • We are able to attract a lot of talented people that live in the Randstad (and did not want to work for us before because of the distance to our Eindhoven office). It already has been proven to be effective as we have already hired more than 10 people living in the Randstad. This is also one of the main reasons we have changed our company language to English to attract foreign talent as well as to serve foreign clients better.
  • And last but not least: With this office we can better serve our customers in the Randstad (some of which are very close by now). 

It is not only about offices
It is our goal to be the independent, specialised advisor taking care of all your digital security needs. We have integrated our Advisory & Audit offering in our services portfolio. This fits our mission to support our clients to be proactive and to take control of their digital security. With a solid expert team headed by Ruud Kerssens, Manager Advisory and Audit, who has a wide range of experience and expertise in this field we now offer Risk Management, Identification Services, Privacy- GDPR and Assurance services too. In addition, we have expanded our offering in Security Testing: Pentesting, Code Review, Social Engineering and Red Teaming.

It is our ambition to grow in size, services and reputation in the coming years. We will also go more internationalDirk Jan van den Heuvel, Managing Director

What is a company without clients and without staff? These are the core assets of the company! We are not allowed to disclose information on the projects we do and the results we book. But each and every day great results are reached; reports are generated which are of invaluable value to our clients in helping them to avoid problems in protecting their data and defending them against cyber criminals. The expertise we have in our group is really unique. And whether we work at the client, in Eindhoven or in Amsterdam: We are fully focused on helping you to take control of your security. 

The culture of helping each other; of seniors guiding juniors, of collaboration, of eagerness & R&D; of understanding and innovation: This is a culture that we foster. It is a culture that makes Secura unique - Ralph Moonen, Technical Director.

If you would like to know more about Secura, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to become acquainted with you. Please use the contact form, send an e-mail to or call us at +31 40-2377990.

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