Webinar | Hacking Azure Cloud: Introducing the “Broken Azure.Cloud” Training Tool

On Thursday 29th of September 2022, Cloud Security Specialist, Roy Stultiens, and Technical Director, Ralph Moonen, will host the live webinar: "Hacking Azure Cloud: Introducing the “BrokenAzure.Cloud” Training Tool", where they will present the CTF Tool that provides hacking training for the Azure space. Join the webinar and fire away all your questions that you might have on Azure Cloud Hacking!

About the Webinar

With cloud services becoming more and more popular, we also see an increase in audits and pentesting of cloud environments. As cloud and on-premise infrastructures are not alike, security analysts need to have cloud-specific skills to do these audits/tests. Many courses are available, but they lack the in-depth knowledge to understand the services fully. That is why Secura developed the BrokenAzure.Cloud CTF tool. During this webinar, our Technical Director Ralph Moonen and Security Specialist Roy Stultiens will discuss the newly developed and released CTF training tool.

The tool provides a security hacking training for the rapidly developing Azure space. Bridging the gap between theory and practice in a real secured Azure cloud environment. The software allows everyone that is trying to get into the field of cloud security to train their skills in the Azure space, with a Capture-the-Flag requiring multiple vulnerabilities that need to be exploited.

All challenges are beginner-friendly and hosted online for free for anyone that wants to use the software. The broken features are explained to give insight into why they exist and how they can be prevented. If the user is not able to figure out how to complete the challenge, additional hints (and eventually the answer) can be requested. The tool is open-source to allow other developers and security professionals to add new challenges and continue to improve the tool.


  • Introduction
  • What is Microsoft Azure Cloud? (where/what is it used for?)
  • A Bit of Background (why did we decide to develop it?)
  • About BrokenAzure.Cloud Tool (features, uniqueness, where to access etc.)
  • How to Contribute to the BrokenAzure.Cloud Tool

Intended Audience

  • Cloud (security) engineers
  • Developers
  • Azure users
  • Cloud enthusiasts

Roy Stultiens

Roy is one of our security specialists with 5+ years of DevOps experience. Starting off as a web developer focusing on back-end systems, architecture, and e-commerce he is now one of the experts in cloud security at Secura.

Ralph Moonen

Ralph is Technical Director and is a highly experienced information security consultant, risk analyst, and auditor, focusing on managing technical risks. He has gained broad experience in many disciplines such as policy development, penetration testing, reverse engineering, cryptography, and risk analysis.