Webinar: Industrial Products Certification - What are your Options?

On 22 April, our Sr. Security Certification Specialist Anna Prudnikova & Account Manager Certifications Yuliya Pliavaka organized the webinar: "Industrial Products Certification - What are your Options?". You can now watch the webinar back.

About the webinar

The security aspect of industrial products is an important element concerning the critical infrastructures in a country, and not only. Given the fact that such products will be installed and deployed for an extended period, cybersecurity functionalities need to be incorporated already by design. This is applicable for both industrial components (e.g. PLCs, HMIs, etc.), as well as for larger industrial systems and solutions. Luckily, the industrial security domain does not lack publications that address security requirements. IEC 62443, NIST SP 800-82 or UL 2900 are only a few of the publications that are internationally recognized in this sense.

As an industrial product manufacturer or integrator, it is essential to decide which ones of these publications need to be followed. The webinar will provide clarity concerning the various options that manufacturers or integrators can choose from when selecting security functionalities for their products and solutions. Guidance concerning the way to select the best choice for various usage and deployment scenarios will be given as well. Finally, the aspect of security certification will be discussed. Between Common Criteria or other industrial specific schemes such as IECEE, which one is the best option for a manufacturer or user of such products?

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  1. Overview of security threats for industrial components and systems
  2. Relevant standards to evaluate industrial products' security
  3. Common Criteria evaluations adapted for industrial products
  4. Alternative certification schemes: focus on IECEE
  5. Conclusion & Q&A


  • Industrial products manufacturers
  • Industrial products Integrators
  • Asset owners

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