Webinar: Medical Devices Security - Regulations and Practical Approaches

On Thursday 27th of May, our Manager Products Certifications Razvan Venter and Account Manager Certifications Yuliya Pliavaka organized the webinar: "Medical Devices Security - Regulations and Practical Approaches". You can now watch back the recording of this webinar.

Watch this webinar back to get more clarity on these topics and find out more about the state of the art concerning cybersecurity in medical devices, while also learning more about the current state of regulations &
practical approaches regarding the security of medical devices.

About the webinar

This webinar highlighted the need to implement cybersecurity controls in medical devices. This comes both from the perspective of minimizing the high risks associated with these types of products, as well as meeting the mandatory regulatory requirements in place. The webinar treated in more detail the regulatory environments for medical devices in the EU (governed by the EU MDR) and USA (governed by the FDA). Furthermore, the most relevant standards for approaching cybersecurity in medical devices, including IEC 62443 and UL 2900 were discussed in this interactive session, followed by some poll questions along the way.


  1. Overview of medical devices cybersecurity risks
  2. Medical devices security regulatory requirements
  3. Most relevant standards to address medical devices security
  4. Recommendations for medical devices developers
  5. Conclusion and Q&A

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