Podcast: Cybersecurity for a Decentralising Energy System

What's the impact of cybersecurity on critical infrastructure? How can cyber threats or hacks on renewable assets cause a black out, or even cause a near complete business standstill?

Sjoerd peerlkamp rounded

Our Manager Industrial Group Sjoerd Peerlkamp took part in an interesting podcast about "Cybersecurity for a Decentralising Energy System", offered by Enlit 365. Missed the podcast? You can now watch it on-demand.

During this discussion, the cybersecurity threats that can have an impact on energy systems were explored. The role of manufacturers, grid operators and regulators were also reviewed in this session, to see how they can play a role in ensuring the security of their systems.


About the Speakers

Alongside Sjoerd, the podcast was provided by a panel of network security specialists that addressed this topic, while they also assessed the perceived vulnerabilities, as they explained how weaknesses in the energy system can be addressed and what future developments in cybersecurity are emerging.

Moderator: Joerg Gmeinbauer, Global Vice President, Power & Utilities - Bureau Veritas


  • Sjoerd Peerlkamp, Manager Industrial Market Group - Secura
  • Johan Rambi, Cyber Security Strategist - EE-ISAC
  • Rafael Narezzi, Chief Technology Officer - CF Partners
  • Simon Kristensen, Head of Software Solutions - Siemens Gamesa