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Floris Duvekot

Floris Duvekot (MSc)

Team Lead & Consultant Behavior

Floris Duvekot is Team Lead & Consultant within the Behavior Team. With his passion to bring the 'people side' of security in the limelight in a positive, lasting and appealing way. He fulfills the role of program manager of the SAFE program as a consultant. This makes him the primary contact for our customers to realize a successful program together.

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Inge Wetzer

Inge Wetzer (PhD)

Principal Psychologist Cybersecurity & Compliance

Inge Wetzer attained a PhD in social psychology. After 10 years of dedicated research on behavioral influencing at the TNO, she has specialized in field of cybersecurity since 2015. Inge has taught many organizations and employees about cyber resilience, while also published about her profession in security journals and speaks as a representative of the people side of cybersecurity at conferences and symposia.

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Barry Visser

Barry Visser

Consultant Awareness & Behavior

Barry is Awareness & Behavior Consultant within the Behavior Team. After several years of experience within the cybersecurity domain, while focusing on different solutions that help organizations to take the technology, the processes and the people side to the next level, Barry is focusing on the 'human factor' within Cybersecurity at Secura. He helps organizations to look beyond creating "awareness", since influencing behavior is his final goal.

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