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SAFE Leaflet for Healthcare Institutions

Take away barriers & create safe behavior within the healthcare institutions.

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SAFE Focus Groups Program in Practice

Take away barriers & create safe behavior. Learn more about the SAFE Focus Groups in practice program.

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Never to Old to Learn

Informatiebeveiliging Magazine - 22 April 2021

Learning about security awareness is a never-ending process.


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SAFE Leaflet for Education

Take away barriers & create safe behavior within the healthcare sector.

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SAFE Leaflet for Hospitals

Take away barriers & create safe behavior within the healthcare sector.

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The Bridge from Awareness towards safe behavior

KPN NLSecure[ID] event - 26 March 2021

Our social psychologist Inge Wetzer talks more about the cyber resilience of people, from a psychological perspective.

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SAFE Leaflet for Municipalities

Take away barriers & create safe behavior within your municipality.

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Column Thuiswerken

Working from Home

Informatiebeveiliging Magazine - 23 February 2021

What does security awareness look like from our home office.


Schade Magazine

The psychology behind the telephone chatting trick

Schademagazine - 2 November 2020

Article about the psyschology behind the telephone chatting trick.


Help! Een incident!

Help! An incident!

Informatiebeveiliging Magazine - 20 October 2020

Why sometimes an incident can also be a positive thing.


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One Conference - Behavior is more than just knowledge

At the international cyber security conference Inge Wetzer explains that behavior is more than knowledge.

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Thousands of euros lost because of spoofing

Kassa - 9 September 2020

Our social psychologist Inge Wetzer talks about spoofing on the Dutch TV program Kassa.

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Yes een incident - Inge Wetzer

Yes! An incident!

Informatiebeveiliging Magazine - 18 Augus 2020

Why sometimes you are actually glad to have an incident.


Helpnet Security

How do I select a security awareness solution for my business?

Help Net Security - 18 juni 2020

Help Net Security asked industry professionals what their perspective is on choosing a security awareness solution. But should awareness be the main focus at all?



Smarter than the hacker

Schademagazine - 10 juni 2020

About social hacking. And how to prevent it!


Inge Wetzer Hotel Geen Idee Column Informatiebeveiliging

Hotel No Idea

Informatiebeveiliging Magazine - 1 mei 2020

Our social psychologist Inge Wetzer is writes columns for Informatiebeveiliging Magazine. Her first column: about handing over your passport to make a copy.


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