Secura chosen as Pentest Partner for the Municipality of Rotterdam

22 September 2022

Cybersecurity company Secura has been selected by the Municipality of Rotterdam as the ''Pentest Partner for Rotterdam'' to carry out pentesting on the IT and OT environments and perform digital forensics.

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With the framework agreement, the Municipality of Rotterdam is further implementing the municipal information security policies based on the Baseline Information Security for the Government (BIO). Through this framework agreement, Rotterdam will gain insight into the status and effectiveness of its security measures in order to bring these to a higher maturity level. In previous years, Secura has performed over twenty security assessments for the Municipality of Rotterdam, as a precursor to this contract.

As a Pentest Partner, Secura will perform various annual pentesting assessments for the Municipality of Rotterdam on the IT infrastructure and on the applications and OT/SCADA/ICS environment. This includes, among other things, the pentesting of the DigiD environment and external or internal pentesting of new IT infrastructure, applications, and systems. Secura will also perform digital forensics when necessary and provide an incident response in collaboration with business partner EYE Security.

Secura Pentest Partner Rotterdam
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"We are very proud to be collaborating with the Municipality of Rotterdam in improving the cyber resilience of this beautiful city. We are happy to see that awareness is growing within municipalities and government, and that more and more attention is being paid to cybersecurity and the prevention of cybercrime. Especially in the public sector where large amounts of (critical) data and personal data circulate, cybersecurity is of utmost importance."
Erwin Jansen, Manager Public Market Group

If you are interested and/or have questions about performing pentests of your IT and/or OT environment, performing digital forensics or other cybersecurity services, please contact Secura at or 088 888 3100