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Red Teaming

Your organization is under attack. The volume and sophistication of targeted and opportunistic attacks are increasing. Cyber fraud, ransomware, supply chain attacks, or insider threats are just some of the threats you face. Test how well your cyber defenses hold up against realistic malicious actors through Red Teaming.

Preparing your organization for such events requires more than deploying security controls. It also requires training your Blue Team to respond correctly to these low-frequency, high-impact events. The biggest gain from performing a Red Teaming assessment, besides finding previously unknown vulnerabilities, is the opportunity for your defenders to live through an actual attack in a safe setting.

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  1. What is Red Teaming?
  2. The process of a Red Teaming attack
  3. Different types of Red Teaming
  4. What do you gain from performing a Red Team assessment?
  5. The Red Team, Blue Team, White Team, and Purple Team
  6. Secura's Red Team
Red Teaming

What is Red Teaming?

Red Teaming is a security discipline originating in the military arena that simulates full-spectrum cyber-attacks. This allows you to measure your cyber defense’s effectiveness against malicious actors and allows your defenders to practice their detection and response capabilities in a controlled environment and validate or refine them. Lastly, the Red Team can also expose gaps in your overall security defense capabilities by targeting your organization and not being confined by the constraints of a regular penetration test.

Suppose you want to know how good you are at detecting spearphishing attacks by sophisticated cybercrime actors or whether your detection capabilities are indeed seeing Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). In that case, there is only one way to know: to test these processes by performing these attacks as a malicious attacker would. The Red Team will simulate the attack. The Blue Team, responsible for defending, can be involved in various ways (or not at all). The White Team (the observers) can escalate and de-escalate when necessary.

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